Inside the Naughty North Pole: Best Adult Gifts of 2021

Inside the Naughty North Pole: Best Adult Gifts of 2021

The holidays are a great time for giving gifts, but many people forget to shop for presents that can enhance their sex life. Why not stuff those stockings (and your pleasure parts) with popular toys that will renew the holiday spirit in your lover's eyes (and in the bedroom)? Some may say Christmas is for kids, but we say adults deserve toys, too! Keep reading for the hottest gifts of the just might want to forgo putting these under the tree so your lover can open them in private. ;) 

Christmas and the coming new year present the perfect time for reflection – and yes, we're still talking about sex toys here. Not to ruin your sentimental moment of looking back on family and loved ones, but we are Lover's Lane after all! You'll have plenty of time to contemplate your goals and set resolutions when you're properly pleasured.

The kind of reflection to which we're referring is of the trendy and usually buzzing variety. This past year promised and delivered on some of the best pleasure products to hit our shelves.

Before we call it quits on the year and get ready for another 365 days of new sex toy goodness in 2022, we're throwing it back to the bestsellers that captured our hearts (and clits) throughout 2021.

Without further ado, let Lover's Lane take you on a journey of our most popular sex toys from the past year. We think you'll have no problem finding a holiday present or six for yourself, your best friends, and your deserving partner.

High-Tech Penis Strokers

Let us begin with an ode to the sex technology that's finally bringing high-quality, self-love experiences to our cock-wielding partners and bedroom cohorts.

Stroking toys and masturbators are (thankfully!) on the rise, but we think this pleasure product category is still criminally under-rated. The select few who stumble into motor-driven masturbation, however, share absolutely rave reviews on the must-have sex toys for folks with dicks.

Right now, the Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker is making – well – waves as THE absolute best solo sex toy for dudes. The Arcwave wraps around the penis and applies air-pressure suction – exactly like your favorite air-pulse clitoral toy, the Womanizer – to the frenulum, the super sensitive underside where the head meets the shaft. The orgasms are said to be literally explosive.

Since guys deserve to have just as many bedroom toys as babes, we suggest rounding out your penile pleasure chest with more sleek, high-tech stroking gear, like the Satisfyer Men Stroker, Hummer 2.0 Super BJ Machine, and the F1S V2 Stroker.

Air-Pulse Clitoral Stimulators

Speaking of air-pulse stimulation, clit suction toys are so popular that we had to give them their own section in the Lover's Lane shop.

Remember this year's viral social media sensation, the Rose? If you love external pleasure and haven't tried an air-pulse sex toy yet, we're going to suggest you believe the hype and IG click-bait and gift yourself or a partner the best damn thing you'll buy all year. Unlike fresh flowers, it's a rosy gift that will keep on giving.

Lovers of ultra luxury toys will swoon over the class and sass of glam brands like Lora DiCarlo and the Baci stimulator, Womanizer and the Premium 2, and Satisfyer and the Pro 2 Next Generation.

Babes on a budget can still access the finest in air-powered clitoral delights, too, with the Suki Rechargeable Vibrating Sucking Massager, Luv Lab Pulsating Clitoral Stimulator, or the convenient Satisfyer Traveler Air Pulse Toy.

Vulva Grinding Accessories

Honestly, it was about damn time the pleasure industrycreated this year's break-out sex toy niche: grinding toys just for vulva owners.

C'mon, ladies and queers. Raise your hands if grinding on a pillow or folded blanket, your hand, or an old stuffed animal (sorry, childhood teddy bear!) were the gateways to fulfilling your adulthood desires solo.

Now you can relive the incredible orgasms of your teenhood with non-vibrating vulva stimulators like The Rosae Platinum Silicone Rose Grinder Violet (which also comes – ha! -  in a bright pink version) and the anatomically modeled The Labae Platinum Silicone Grinder, pictured below.

Soft, squishy and molded from platinum silicone, you can drizzle water-based lube, like our current fave, Wicked Simply Aqua Special Edition Lubricant, all over these babies and then smush and grind your pleasure parts to your heart's content.

We adore that they're also strap-on compatible. Stick a grinding toy to the base of a flared dildo or stuff one into your strap-on harness or underwear to stimulate your entire vulva during pegging, girl/girl or queer play sessions.

Rose Quartz Pleasure Wands

Sex and spirituality are co-opting the next wave of luxurious intimate goods. Crystal sex toys are your key to creating a slower, more sensuous and intentional pleasure practice that centers on self confidence.

Even if you're not into tarot cards, astrology and sparkly talismans, just gift yourself or a friend the full-on princess experience, because who doesn't want to say they own a real-life crystal wand?

One of our favorite sex toy brands, Le Wand, just launched a pair of gorgeous and sensually delicious Rose Quartz insertable wands.

Made of real, body-safe Rose Quartz, the Le Wand Crystal Rose Quartz Slim Wand and Le Wand Crystal Rose Quartz G-Wand (pictured above) are designed to be drawn slowly across the body and erogenous zones, stopping at every curve and pleasurable space before edging towards climax. Both crystal wands are accessorized with a bumpy silicone ring to add clitoral and vulva stimulation to your spiritual awakening, and Le Wand includes a lovely little book with an intro to crystal pleasure, too.

Rose Quartz is treasured by crystal healers and spirituality practitioners for its connection to love of self, ability to increase feelings of joy, and emotional healing properties.

Vibrating Massage Wands

It's the sex toy that started a revolution and refuses to be outdated or outdone. We can't keep the original Hitatchi Magic Wand (which is now also available in a rechargeable version, by the way) and this vibrator's multitude of re-vamped spin-offs from selling out year after year.

The massage wand category has made an even bigger comeback over the last decade with high-end iterations like the Lelo Smart Wand 2,  Le Wand Petite Rechargeable Massager, and Doxy Die Cast 3R Massage Wand.

Known for the world's most strong and intense vibrations, massage and body wands are some of the most versatile pleasure products inexistence – as long as you really like vibrators, anyhow.

And you know what? Thanks to new massage wand designs like the Bodywand Versawand All Over Body Massager, you don't even need to have sex (toys) on the brain to get felt up by a mechanical masseuse. Add it to the next sensual massage you give your partner to undo those painful knots...and then take it further if you'd like.

Bodywand's brand new Versawand rotates 90 degrees and packs a powerful vibrating punch that reaches deep into sore muscles and joints, targeting tension in your back and shoulders (or tinglings in your clitoris or penis, because we wouldn't carry Versawand if it couldn't double as an awesome sex toy, too). It even comes with attachments to target it on whatever your body needs.