Crazy Sexy New Year's Eve: A Sexual MadLibs Story

Crazy Sexy New Year's Eve: A Sexual MadLibs Story

What are you doing for New Year's Eve? If the part of the world you're in is anything like this one, the ideal answer is "staying home"...because the rest of the world is unfortunately still a Covid-infested nightmare. Even if you're just staying in and celebrating with your sweetie, though, you can still have an unforgettable New Year's Eve! Games are a traditional way to celebrate NYE, so I thought I'd give you a fun game to play as a couple. Make it sultry or as silly as possible, but you'll have fun no matter what!

Depending on your age, you may remember a fun little game from your childhood called Mad Libs. You know the fill out a page with the types of words it asks for, and then put them in the story...except you have no idea what the story is going to say until you insert the words! I thought, why not adapt this into a fun little bedroom game? You choose the words without seeing the context of the story, then insert them where they go. The resulting story is what you should enact with your lover, doing whatever dirty deeds the story tells you to! If you can escape to the bedroom before midnight (or after, if you're a party animal), try playing this game with your lover tonight, and see where your carnal, crazy, made-up New Year's story will take you!

If you're flying solo for NYE (or any time), you can still participate by reading your completed story like an erotic fantasy while you enjoy your favorite self-pleasure products! The imagination is a powerful part of masturbation, so just let go and have fun with it!


WITHOUT READING THE STORY AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST (seriously, don't even peek), fill out the numbered word list with the type of word asked for on each line. You can print the page (if your browser will let you) or just write a numbered list on a sheet of paper. Once you're done with that part, fill those words in on their corresponding numbered lines within the story. Read your creation aloud, ideally acting it out as you go!

In case the brain cells that once contained this information have gathered a few cobwebs, here's a quick refresher course on the basic necessary parts of speech to help get you started:

Noun: Words for people, places, and things; "naming words" (examples: apple, bra, bedroom, candle, shoe). Plural noun just refers to more than one of something (example: flowers, socks)

Adjective: Words that tell more about nouns; describing words for people, places, or things (examples: short, red, soft, beautiful)

Verb: Action words; they name things being done (examples: run, touch, dance, kiss)

Adverb: Words that describe HOW a verb (action) is done; they usually end in -ly (examples: Softly, quickly, sloppily, tightly)

Any other words you have to provide are simple, specific requests rather than parts of speech. This is supposed to be sexy fun, not homework!

The Word List:

1. Adjective: _______________________________________________

2. Verb: ____________________________________________________

3. A piece of furniture: _____________________________________

4. Verb ending with -ing: ___________________________________

5. Verb: _____________________________________________________

6. Article of clothing: _______________________________________

7. Adjective: ________________________________________________

8. Different article of clothing: ______________________________

9. Adverb: ___________________________________________________

10. Body Part, plural: ________________________________________

11. Verb: _____________________________________________________

12. A genre of music: ________________________________________

13. Your pet/an animal: ______________________________________

14. Verb: _____________________________________________________

15. Adjective: ________________________________________________

16. Verb: _____________________________________________________

17. Something in your fridge/freezer: ________________________

18. A room in your home: ____________________________________

19. Verb: _____________________________________________________

20. Type of underwear/lingerie: ______________________________

21. Something soft: __________________________________________

22. Adverb: __________________________________________________

23. Body Part: _______________________________________________

24. Different body part: ______________________________________

25. A silly/nonsense phrase: _________________________________

26. A sexual verb: ___________________________________________

27. Noun: ____________________________________________________

28. Body Part: ________________________________________________

29. Something you say during sex: ___________________________

30. Verb: _____________________________________________________

31. Adjective: ________________________________________________

32. A bizarre name: __________________________________________

33. Adjective: ________________________________________________


The Story:

"Our Crazy, Sexy New Year's Eve"

"Whew, what a year!" you exclaim, as you slip into your favorite sweats. "Yes, it sure has been (1)________________________, but I think we can still salvage tonight and make it worthwhile", assures your partner. "OK", you concede, "but we have to (2)_______________________ for a little while right now, or I'm going to fall asleep!" You both do your refreshing wake-up activity, then settle in on the (3)__________________ to enjoy some light (4)______________________________. Ready to take this party further, you whisper, "wanna (5)_______________________?" to your lover. They quickly agree, and start to take off your (6)_______________________________ so they can behold your (7)__________________________ body better. "Oh yeah," you agree, "Before that ball drops, I'm going to make your (8) _______________________ drop!" You start to (9)___________________________ caress your lover's (10)____________________________________ while they close their eyes and (11)_______________________________________ your thighs. You dim the lights and put on your favorite (12)_______________________ music to set the mood. Your partner closes the (13)________________________________ in another room so it wont disturb your epic New Year's Eve lovemaking session. It's definitely going to happen now; it's so close you can (14)________________________ it, and you know it's going to be (15)__________________________! Suddenly, your partner stops to announce, "Wait, I have an idea!". They (16)_______________________ off to the kitchen and quickly return with some (17)______________________________, "to seductively feed you with, my dear!" they say when they come back to the (18)_________________________, where you're about to have some epic sex. You have an idea, too, as you quickly (19)____________________________ out of the room. You return wearing nothing but your (20)__________________________ and holding a/an (21)_____________________________, which you begin to use to tickle and tease your anxiously waiting lover. They begin to (22)___________________________ stroke your sensitive (23)______________________________, which makes your neck hairs stand on end. You immediately return the favor by touching and kissing their (24)____________________________, which makes them shout, "(25)___________________________!" In the dim light of the sensually lit room, you see that the clock says it's almost midnight. "It's that time...", you tell them, "...are you ready to make our own fireworks?" You pull each other in close and begin to (26)_______________________ like there's no tomorrow. You both writhe and sweat, so close to the climax, and perfect timing, too. You're both so into it, you accidentally knock the nearby (27)_______________________________ onto the floor, but it doesn't break your focus. You squeeze your lover's (28)_______________________________ because you know it's their favorite, and they moan, "(29)_________________________"! They begin to (30)_______________________________ all over your whole body. It feels so (31)______________________ and you scream, "(32)__________________________!", much to your partner's surprise and amusement. "Who's that?!?" your lover asks, as you both collapse into each other's arms and have a good laugh until the clock strikes 12. "Talk about starting the new year off with a bang!" you say, as you both lean in for your midnight kiss. You know it's going to be a good year as long as you have this (33)______________________ person by your side.

Happy New Year, Lovers, and may your 2022 be full of pleasure & joy.