Discreet Treats & Travel-Ready Toys

Discreet Treats & Travel-Ready Toys

As things creep back to normal during the pandemic, the travel bug is likely to bite many of you again soon! Especially with the holiday season upon us, it will be a busy time for travel again soon. Whether you're headed out on an exotic vacation, road tripping or camping, traveling for business, or visiting family, travel can be stressful. There's no reason your sex and/or masturbation routines should have to suffer during your voyages, though!

Sure, your hands are great and all; they're always with you and they get the job done when it comes to self-love. And all you need to have sex is two willing people. You may assume you don't need to pack anything extra to keep your love life cruising when you hit the road. Still, sometimes it's fun to keep those extra little goodies around during your trip to make those intimate moments extra-enjoyable. Luckily, sex toy creators have listened to all of you that just love to travel with toys, and there are more and more discreet & travel-friendly ones hitting the market all the time. Read on for some of our favorites and some fun ways to use them during your next getaway. These tiny treasures make great stocking stuffers, too!

For Vagina Owners

If you have a clitoris, you're going to have the easiest time selecting from a huge variety of travel friendly toys! Bullet vibrators may seem basic, but they get the job done by delivering powerful, pinpointed pleasure. The Travel-Gasm Bullet with Carrying Case is ready to toss in your bag and go. If your Womanizer suction toy is your favorite, but a little too big to pack, try a smaller version from Satisfyer that doesn't sacrifice power or pleasure. The popular new rose-style stimulators are perfect for portability, too. Try a basic air-pulse one for that classic clit kissing sensation, or a slightly fancier one for licking and sucking options.

If you're still a little squeamish about traveling with toys, the Hide & Play Rechargeable Lipstick Vibe is about as discreet as you can get! It looks so much like a normal lipstick, no one will be able to recognize what it truly is...and we'll never tell!

For Penis Owners

We know you don't necessarily need toys to make self-pleasure possible, but they sure can be fun to try!

Strokers can up your masturbation game, and while you might not want to travel with a massive one like the Apollo Hydro Power Stroker, you can downsize to something like the Zolo Pleasure Pill or an even simpler sleeve like The Twist Textured Stroker, complete with carrying case. If you've never experienced Pleasure Air technology, your next trip may be the perfect excuse to try out the Arcwave Ion stroker. The only thing you're sacrificing with any of theses choices is the size!

If you want to explore your backdoor in addition to your new locale, a remote control pulsing probe or a discreet wearable prostate massager that relies on your natural body movements to provide tons of pleasure may be perfect for your travel bag!

For Couples

Sometimes just a change of scenery is enough to make you want to try new things!

Of course, you can use any of the toys mentioned above...on each other, or on yourselves during a sexy and memorable mutual masturbation session. If you want something that will bring you even closer together, though, there are plenty of amazing and portable options made for both of you to enjoy!

A vibrating C-ring like the My Pod Enhancer (complete with UV sanitizing carry case) or the Satisfyer Powerful One can be a low-profile way to pack some punch into your sex. A quiet, small, and beautiful couples toy made to nestle inside the vagina during P in V intercourse adds extra excitement to your travel sex, too. I like the Tiani 3 Couples Sense Motion Massager.

For everything you need for a romantic and playful sexual retreat, hang the Do Not Disturb sign and bust out the Weekend in Bed Good Vibes kit. If you're spending your holiday at grandma's or Aunt Shirley's on her squeaky old sofa bed and sex is out of the question, focus on other forms of intimacy instead. A travel-size massage candle or relaxing massage oil can make the perfect tool for relaxing your lover at the end of a stressful day...and intimate massage is a great excuse to touch your partner all over, even if circumstances for lovemaking are not ideal.

You can even pack your favorite love liquids without having to worry about leaks or spills in transit. With everything from CBD lube to sexual enhancements to shaving cream in handy foil sachets, these convenient packables make it easy to enjoy fun on the run. My favorite? Fruity and delicious Wicked Teasers flavored lubes will help you enjoy all the oral orgasms you can fit in on your trip! Just toss these goodies in your bag and go!

For Wet & Wild Playtime

If you think the only private time you may be able to enjoy on your trip will be while you're in the bathroom, fear not! There are still lots of totable treats you can pack to keep your life buzzing.

Waterproof sex toys allow you to take your fun to the shower or tub. A mini wand, insertable bullet, or a nubby clitoral vibe are all perfectly neat and discreet ways to take your shower self-love to the next level. Penis owners can enjoy their shower sexytime, too, with the waterproof Grip Rechargeable Vibrating Stroker, complete with travel lock, or a sleek & shower-friendly prostate massager.

The unique and beautiful Water Slyde Aquatic Stimulator is slim and sleek for packability, and it's made to direct the water flow from your bathtub faucet directly where you want it...without all that uncomfortable scooching forward! If all else fails, as long as there's a handheld shower massager, you can always go back to basics and enjoy the simple pleasures of what is almost always a woman's first "sex toy"! Spray away!

Depending on where you're going and how you're getting there, it may be important to read our considerations when traveling with sex toys. You may even have to check the laws of your destination country...even the most discreet sexual aids are a no-no in some places. Anywhere else, though, and you should be able to take all your favorites! Check out our entire cultivated collection of travel ready toys here. Pick up a super cute and practical toy bag to store them in style, and you're good to go! Happy trails, lovers!