Gift the Whole Package on Black (Fetish) Friday

Gift the Whole Package on Black (Fetish) Friday

This November 26th, we at Lover's Lane will be skipping the insanity of the big box store sales and taking the 'black' in Black Friday quite literally. On this so-called holiday, we'd rather stay indoors and explore the sweet, sensual darkness of BDSM and kink play.

We adore BDSM because the category spans all gender identities, genital pairings, and experience levels. No matter who you are, or how soft or hard you prefer to play, there's a kinky accessory or five to assist in turning up the heat in your bedroom.

Before diving into BDSM and kink with a partner, we recommend a lengthy discussion on sexual boundaries and limits. You can't create amazingly kinky sex without your partner's full consent! But once you understand what turns you and your partner on, you can start planning for an evening full of new sex toys, lingerie and other pleasure accessories to explore your shadowy sides.

Curious about where to begin, or stumped for a naughty present to purchase on Black Friday? We've got a few ideas to help you create the perfect set of BDSM & fetish-themed sex-cessories to gift your lover (and yourself!) this weekend...because you won't want to keep it a secret until the holidays!

Penis-Pleasing Pleasure Products for Kinksters

If your partner has a dick and likes to dabble in BDSM, they'll love to unwrap a box full of our recommended bedroom goodies for prostates and penises.

For starters, who says lingerie is only for the ladies? The ultra-kinky man will look mouth-wateringly sexy in a pair of ENVY Wet Look Briefs, a Black Ice Lace-Up Jock Strap, or Private Screening Skull Briefs.

Pop some pleasure into his booty (with his consent, of course) with the We-Vibe Vector prostate massager, which connects via app to the smart phone of whoever will be playing the role of Domme.

Turn things up with a little cock-and-ball tease. Nothing screams kink like a cock cage with a lock and key, like the C&B Gear Metal Cock Ring With Locking Ball Strap. Add some extra spice to intercourse with the Fantasy X-Tensions Extreme Silicone Power Cage or the Satisfyer Powerful One Cock Ring.

When you're both ready, get deep into the heart of taboo sex with a really kinky toy, like the Silicone Cum-Thru D-Ring Penis Plug, the Electro Shock Cock Cage or the Oxballs Meatlocker Chastity device. Imagine how great sex will feel when you free his member from its temporary imprisonment!

Tantalizingly Taboo Delights for Clitoris Owners

Partners who love clitoral or vaginal stimulation will be delighted to open a curated package of BDSM gifts this Black Friday.

Dress your babe up right in some proper fetish gear, like the kink club-worthy Vinyl Gown With Corset Back, Faux Leather Bondage Set or the biker-esque Pandora Studded Boobout Set.

Next, whet your kinky appetites with some gentle e-stim toys, like the beginner-friendly Impulse Intimate E-Stimulator Remote Kegel Exerciser or the Volt Electro-Spark Vibrator.

Newbies to sensory play and bondage will adore the ultra-femme look and feel of the Beginners Pink Bondage Kit. If you're ready to take the sensations to the next level, the Bedspreaders Sensory Experience Set will make for a perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Dildos are delightful for all kinds of kink scenes, especially whimsical, fetish-y designs like the Teuthida Tentacle Dildo or the Xenuphora Alien Tentacle.

If you or your partner have yet to test the world's kinkiest vibrator – the super-powerful Magic Wand – a darker, sleeker wand-style vibe like the Le Wand Rechargeable Massager or the Body Wand Luxe are must-haves for your BDSM toy kit.

Gender-Neutral BDSM Gifts for All

Kink knows no bounds (except when you're willingly bound!), and that applies doubly to gender identity. Our last compilation of giftable goodies will put a devilish grin on any lover's face.

Everyone's got a butt, and every butt is delicious enough to enjoy a good spanking. Start soft & sweet with the Sincerely Lace Crop, up the ante with the Icicles #38 Glass Whip, or get ready for some serious slap with the hard & stiff Glutton For Punishment Acrylic Honeycomb Paddle.


Submissives of all types can get a kick out of putting a cork in it! First-timers to restraint play should try the Sportsheets Saffron Breathable Ball Gag. Intermediate fetish players can take the Sinful Bar Gag out for a spin. Advanced kinksters can add pinch to their gag play with the Ouch O-Ring With Nipple Clamps.

Speaking of nipples, this often overlooked erogenous zone deserves more attention in your next BDSM session. Nipple suction toys like the S&M Nipple Suckers or Oxballs Hognips Nipple Suckers provide a broader sensation, which can be less intense for beginners. For more direct pinch and a dash of flash, checkout the Silicone Light Up Heart Nipple Clamps and the Silicone Light Up Tweezer Nipple Clamps. Vibration brings a totally novel nipple experience, which the Silicone Remote Nipple Clamps and the Nipple Play Rechargeable Nipplettes deliver in spades.