Sexual Zodiac: August 2020

Sexual Zodiac: August 2020

Spotlight:  Born between July 23rd and August 22nd, those that roam under the fire sign of Leo are represented by the majestic lion, and rightfully so.  Leos exude charisma, leadership ability, and self-confidence, and they are definitely the kings or queens of their domains.  They are also lovable and fiercely loyal, so if  you're paired with one, you should feel safe and secure and know that their love is genuine...a Leo won't give you the time of day if they're not really into you!  Just like the leader of a pride of lions, Leos are super protective of what they hold dear, so as long as that doesn't turn into ugly possessiveness, they are great mates!  Give them a chance to lead the way, and a Leo will always show you a great time!  

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players...but you're the one that matters most, right, Leo?  You've been feeling pretty cooped up lately, and you're ready to primp, preen, and get out there and roar up a ruckus this month.  You really miss your time in the spotlight and the attention of your greatest fans!  Your magnetism is undeniable this month, so if you're single, you may have crushes and admirers falling out of the woodwork and into your open arms.  Partnered?  It's time to conquer a love-related fear while your confidence is at its peak.  Maybe you've been wanting to try adding toys in the bedroom but are nervous or embarrassed?  No need to be'll have nothing but fun if you go for a romp between the sheets with the ROMP Juke Cock Ring, with a stretchy fit and shape that makes it perfect for couple's use.  You'll both be roaring with laughter and delight if you make a game out of a night in together, too, even if you're unveiling your darkest fantasies.  Show off your best assets and go for a midnight frolic, and you'll have the month of fun you've been craving.    

Virgo:  August 23 - September 22

The new moon in Cancer on July 20th has just given you a clean slate to work with as you head into August.  This might look different to every Virgo based on your current relationship status, but trust your intuition and you'll make the right choices. Nothing that happens this month will be by coincidence, so make sure you are living intentionally!  Your sex drive is high, so if you are partnered, get ready for a Month of Sex and try lots of steamy new poses between the sheets!  If you're flying solo, take care of your needs with a powerful little leaf that will always land in the right spot...the Romp Wave Massager.  This fun and cute little toy is waterproof, rechargeable, and versatile, just like you!  Use it on all of your erogenous zones solo or as a couple's toy.  You'll succeed at anything you put your mind to this month, but if you need a little boost in the bedroom, try On Power Glide for Him or Oh Yes Cooling Clitoral Stimulant for her; both will help deliver sensations and orgasms like you've only dreamed about!  

Libra:  September 23 - October 22

With the sun in Leo's fiery energy, you will have a month of spontaneity, fun, and laughter.  If you're single and looking for love, an opportunity will present itself in August...just don't think too hard about it!  Now is your time to impress people!  Want a fun way to boost your powers of attraction?  Pheromones in alluring fragrances like Fashionably Late by Dona for her or the crisp and balanced Helm by Max Collection will give you a one-up in the dating or mating game!  If you're partnered, just enjoy each other this month.  Have fun as a couple with silly card games like Sex Mate or'll laugh a lot and want to take things into the bedroom where you can Spice Things Up and make love a game with this love kit from Secret Kisses.  Don't let your ego get in the way, and you'll have nothing but good times this month!        

Scorpio: October 23 - November 22

This month is all about excitement and exploration for you, Scorpio.  It's a perfect time for you and your lover to try a new adventure together, even if it puts you a little out of your comfort zone.  Have you been curious about butt stuff?  A training plug like the intriguing Cloud 9 Silicone Pro Double End Plug gives you two size options for comfort and excitement.  How about role play?  Talk about your fantasies and fetishes with your lover, then get some costumes and accessories to live your dreams!  It's time to let loose and have fun! This goes for singles, too.  The sun in outgoing Leo has you feeling fine as hell, so put on your sexy new clubwear and make the magic happen...even if social distancing has you stuck at home.  That's what online dating and video chat are for! ;)  

Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21

The sun in playful Leo has you looking for fun!  If you're partnered, now is the time to plan a trip with your lover...even if you have to wait awhile to take it because of Covid, the planning and anticipation will bring you closer together and fulfill that fun-seeking desire.  When you are ready to get away, the Naughty Geisha kit from Shunga has perfect travel-size goodies to keep you up well into the night like coeds at a sleepover.  You can make your partner the playground, too, with the Whip Smart Body Swing.  If you're single and ready to mingle, head to some (socially distanced) parties or game nights with a close group of friends and just laugh & play your way to a great night. Your playful personality is shining through, and even if romance isn't your goal, your charm might just catch someone off guard.  

Capricorn: December 22 - January 20

You're in love and you don't care who knows it!  In fact, this month you want everyone to know it!  Whether you've been happily partnered for years or are just embarking on a romantic journey with someone new, now is your time to show off your sweetie and share how proud you are to be with them.  Let your social media walls and photo albums be a shrine to how awesome you are together.  Behind closed doors, put on something romantic and sexy just for them, and show them how generous a lover you can be.  Confide in your closest friends about the amazing couple's toy you tried together.  It feels kind of nice to know you have something others are jealous of.  If you're flying solo, it's because you're tying up loose ends and making sure you know what you want out of love.  The wait will be worth it.      

Aquarius: January 21 - February 19

In true air sign fashion, you're feeling a little tossed about right now, and you don't quite know where (or how) to land.  You're feeling optimistic, though, and the possibilities for your love life seem endless.  You might need your lover or your friends to help bring you back down to earth.  If you're partnered, a romantic couple's massage and some intimate touch will help ground you in no time.  If your partner says you seem moody, it's because you just need to relax.  Get out of your head and make sex a game; just have fun with it and you'll start to come out of your funk in no time.  If you're single and seeking, really zero in on your goals for a relationship.  If you put yourself out there this month, your boundless energy will make sure exciting things will come your way!    

Pisces: February 20 - March 20

The trine between communicative Mercury and your home planet of Neptune in your gentle sign on July 30th means you're heading into August just bubbling over with creative, imaginative ideas for your love life and beyond.  This is a good time to discuss dreams and fantasies with your lover, no matter how far-fetched they may seem, and just have fun together!  You've always been great at setting a romantic stage, so bust out the gorgeous lingerie and make the bed with some romantic rose petals for a dreamy night in.  If you're looking for love, now is your time to shine.  You've always secretly felt like you could just wave a magic wand and make the one you want fall in love with you.  Your shiny personality is still capable of that, so you just need to find someone to share that magic with!

Aries:  March 21 - April 20

As the sun teams up with fiery Leo on July 22nd, your love (and sex) life gets hot and steamy.  If you're seeking a mate, the perfect match for you right now is someone who will go along for the ride with you without controlling or urging you to slow down.  You've got lots of passionate energy pent up, and a killjoy will leave you feeling trapped.  Be a tease and a flirt, and if you've hooked the right one, they'll stay!  If you're coupled, now's the time to keep things sexy and spontaneous.  Go for surprise weekday shower sex with a waterproof toy, or a last-minute romantic getaway with some fun fetish items to keep it playful.  Open your eyes to all the possibilities, and this month will be full of little moments that will amaze you.  

Taurus:  April 21 - May 21

Any problems you've been experiencing are fading into the past, and you have a more easy-going month in store.  Your partner might describe you as clingy or needy right now, but you're just glad to be feeling back to yourself and wanting to spend time with your love.  They can return the affection in the moment with lots of quickies and warm kisses.  You might also be feeling a little insecure, like people are talking about you behind your back.  If you have nothing to hide and you're doing your best, why worry?  With Leo's charismatic energy aglow this month, if you're looking for love, you'll have no trouble finding a friend to share your feelings with, who will likely become a lover.  Treat each other to slow sex with the Elegance Dual Vibrating C-Ring, and you'll never want to let go.    

Gemini: May 22 - June 20

Be mindful of your communication this month, Gemini, especially with your beloved or any love interests you've had your heart set on.  The month might start out with a weird energy or a problem you can't logic your way out of like you  usually do, and your frustration might leave you a bit snippy with those closest to you.  The issues will blow over quickly, though, and you can repair their hurt feelings and your bruised ego with gentle caresses, and a sexy bathtime and massage session with a relaxing CBD Love Kit.  Treat yourself to an amazing new luxury toy or stroker for some grounding self-love on demand, and you'll get through a wonky month with your pride and your relationships unscathed.  Just remember to talk to your lover (gently) about what you're feeling.  They'll understand.  

Cancer:  June 21 - July 22

You hopefully had a refreshing, relaxing July, and now you're moving into a month of action.  Everything you need to do will come pretty naturally, though, so don't sweat.  Trust your instincts and they are sure to put you on the path to success.  Regardless of your relationship status, you may notice lots of romantic dreams this month.  Your subconscious is working overtime to make sure you wind up with "the one".  If you're looking for love, pay attention to that little voice guiding you to someone with potential.  If you're happily partnered, spend intimate time together getting artsy with aphrodisiac chocolate body paint, then try some fresh positions in the bedroom to keep your lover enthralled with you.  The bottom line this month is trust your knows the way and will guide you to happiness.