Sexual Zodiac: April 2020

Sexual Zodiac: April 2020

Spotlight:  With birthdays between March 21st and April 20th, those that flock with the fire sign of Aries have the honor of being the first sign of the zodiac, sometimes considered the "baby" of the zodiac...but they're no pushovers!  Their iconic animal is a big-horned Ram, after all...they won't hesitate to bowl you over if they feel threatened or wronged.  Aries folks can be quite innocent and are one of the most trusting of the signs, but that's only because they are so brutally honest about everything all the time, they think everyone else should be, too. Rams wear their hearts on their sleeves, and if they keep you in their circle of friendship, love, and trust, you better not betray that, because you'll never get it back.  Aries are warm, generous, and loving people, but sometimes their competitive nature gets the best of them, and a relationship with them can start to feel like a contest of who gives the most.  Let them feel like the center of attention occasionally, reassure their insecurities, and you'll continue to have a happy, balanced life with your favorite Aries!

Now is a good time to tune into your more introspective side, Aries, and start spending some quality time safe at home with yourself, your lover, and your family. Your natural love of people and your caring & adventurous nature likely means you may work in health & human services or public safety, so it's really go time for you as we face these uncertain times.  Just make sure you face every challenge as safely and smartly as possible. Don't let the usual reckless abandon with which you approach everything get the best of you.  Rein in your competitive edge by trying a couple's toy where both partners get the same thing...amazing vibrating stimulation for their g-spot or p-spot, where cooperation and mutual pleasure are the only goal.  Talk about equal love!!  Spend some of your pent-up energy learning a sexy new hobby like pole dancing or playing games involving a striptease, and you won't have any lonely nights!  Be patient with your partner...we know you have passion and drive bubbling out of every seam, but focus that energy on your latest personal improvement project or life goal, instead of getting snippy, and you'll achieve happiness with ease.        

Taurus:  April 21 - May 21

Lucky you, Taurus!  You have a very lucky-in-love month coming your way in April.  If you're already partnered, this means you two will be able to grow closer than ever.  Spend quality time with your lover giving (and receiving) warming, candle-lit sensual massages while you talk about your deepest desires.  Take that sexy talk to the bedroom and keep it soft but edgy, with gorgeous lingerie to make every night feel like a special occasion.  Still single?  This might be your lucky month to meet someone!  Even though necessary social distancing practices may make it seem impossible, if you're looking for love, you just might find it!  Even if you've never believed in love at first sight or destiny, it might come looking for you this month and make you a believer.  In the meantime, engage in plenty of self love and self're worth it!  Avoid your bullish tendencies to push everyone away.  You have lots of people that love and care for you, and you all need each other right now!

Gemini:  May 22 - June 20

Make sure to pay attention to your gut feelings this month, Twins.  They will point you in the right direction when it comes to your relationships and sex.  If you're partnered, make sure you're involved in the give & take with your partner, and make sure you're communicating.  Don't just assume that your partner doesn't want sex if they're not openly seducing have to take the lead sometimes, too, or they will shy away just as much.  Get the communication flowing with a fun game for lovers that will help you reignite your powers of seduction and foreplay.  If you're single, take some time to take care of yourself with toys that offer dual pleasure to match the duality of your personality.  Now is not the time to make rash decisions about your work life or love life, so take everything as it comes and think before you act.  

Cancer:  June 21 - July 22

Your romantic and family relationships might seem a little rocky right now, Cancer, but everything will fall into place soon.  Don't sweat the small stuff this'll come to realize that the tons of little choices you have to make every day won't affect the outcome're on the right path to happiness, and nothing can stop you.  The spring equinox and the sun in Aries brought a refreshing energy into your sign.  Your next few weeks will be exciting, make sure your bedroom activities match the mood!  Whether you've found your soulmate or are still searching, this is a good time to examine your relationships and make sure everything is headed in the right direction.  Recent coincidences or symbolism may try to confuse you, but don't get led astray by anything (or anyone) from your past...that ship has sailed for good reason.

Leo:  July 23 - August 22

You are feeling very outgoing, friendly, and flirty this month, Leo, which may not be the most helpful thing as most of the country hunkers down at home.  Make sure you get that energy out with some self-love that can't be beat, especially if you're social distancing solo.  Fill that chatty social gap with plenty of check-ins with your friends, and some romantic partner time if you've got plenty of time to try exciting new positions...or solo time with toys that make noise instead!  Maybe a rattling anal plug for fun new sensations, or a pulsing sonic clit toy that will send you over the moon?  Keep your eye on the prize (even if that prize is your orgasm!) and nothing will stand in the way of you getting it this month!

Virgo:  August 23 - September 22

There's a lot going on right now, Virgo, and you're understandably on edge.  Be careful this month not to let the aggressive Mars-Pluto connection control you.  Try and avoid angry outbursts with your may feel like you're just venting, but it won't come across like that.  If you do need to smooth things over after an argument, try a romantic spa day at home for just the two of you, with plenty of touching and kissing.  A sexy dice game will keep things rolling into the night and encourage you to try new things.  As long as you keep things light and breezy, you'll get through this tumultuous time unscathed.  Flying solo this month?  You'll have an easier time of things without someone telling you what to do!  Make time for yourself and turn that aggressive energy into impressive self love with a powerful new wand or stroker.        

Libra:  September 23 - October 22

You are cruising into this month with lucky romantic energy surrounding you.  You are just radiating positivity and confidence, and anyone around you will pick up on it.  Single?  You likely won't emerge from the month that way! Any dates you plan will go really well, and you'll find someone who gets you, which is the most important thing to you.  You'll want to treat yourself to a new B.O.B. to get you through any lonely nights in the meantime.  If you are lucky in love enough to be partnered already, you two are feeling a true Mind, Body, and Soul connection which you can deepen with quality time together and conversations about anything!  Just looking in each other's eyes will remind you both that everything is going to be alright.    

Scorpio:  October 23 - November 22

While you're normally a rule follower, this month brings a quirky new energy that may inspire you to rebel a little bit.  Use that rebellion to look at love from a different angle, and keep your head on straight.  Acting without thinking might put you in hot water with your lover or a love interest, especially if they're not sure where you're coming from.  Keep things playful this month...maybe some adult arts and crafts time with the Clone-a-Willy and Clone-a-Pussy kits?  Play in the fantasy realm with colorful lingerie and unique's definitely time to break away from the ordinary.  If your rebellious streak leads you down a darker road and your partner is game, this is a great time to introduce some bondage play in the bedroom as well.  Armed with an arsenal of fun things to keep yourself busy, you'll only get swept up in the moment in a positive way, so you can avoid a scorned lover with ease.    

Sagittarius:  November 22 - December 21

This month is all about uniqueness and change, Sag, and your brain is firing off ideas at every turn.  If you're single, you're ready to mingle, and you're likely looking for something that goes against your usual type.  Don't get too carried away-keep your list of deal breakers and deal makers tucked away in the back of your mind, and you might just find someone surprising who checks all of your boxes.  If you're partnered, it's time to cultivate you two as an item.  You might be feeling bored or stuck in a rut.  Engage in some fun games for lovers and fantasy play with each other, and explore all the options.  Maybe you've been wanting to try something adventurous together? Think about the choices available to you when it comes to what your relationship looks like, and everyone will see you as the most together couple on the block!

Capricorn:  December 22 - January 20

Your power planet, Saturn, is stirring things up for you Caps as we enter April.  Like many of the other signs this month, you're feeling a little rebellious.  You just need to be careful that it doesn't come across as unfeeling or uncaring.  If you're in a relationship, make sure to talk to your lover about how you're feeling.  Offer up a relaxing massage, and see what else they'd be open to indulging for you.  Dabbling with some mild BDSM for beginners, or strap-on play, might be just the thing to whet your whistle for something new.  If you're single, now's the time to enter the online dating pool.  Be honest in your profile and about what you're looking for, and the right person will track you down in no time.  Make sure you don't get bored with your self-love routine, either.  Try a luxury toy (yes, there is a reason for the price points...they're AMAZING!) for some serious OMG orgasms, and you'll have an epic April.      

Aquarius:  January 21 - February 19

This is going to be an easy-going month for you.  You definitely have goals and plans for the future, but you're not going to get bent out of shape if things get in the way.  Be kind to yourself, and to your love if you're partnered.  It's important to approach any perceived relationship problems gently, which should come naturally to you. Just make sure you tackle them need to fly solo when you have a co-pilot.  If you are single, your go-with-the-flow nature might make it hard to pin you down this month.  You're not really feeling like making any long-term romantic decisions, which can feel like a lack of commitment to anyone interested.  Just make sure to communicate! They'll stick around and ride it out, though, if they're genuinely into you, and then you'll know you found a keeper!  

Pisces:  February 20 - March 20

You are definitely feeling everything very deeply right now, Pisces.  Your empathy is on overdrive, and there's a lot going on in the world.  It's okay that this is leaving you a little on the shy side...not to mention exhausted.  If you have a lucky lover, make sure to express to them everything that's going on in your head.  You don't always make it obvious, so they might just feel like they're being shut out.  Spend a romantic weekend in bed with them, or play a sensual game to get your pent-up sexual energy out in a fun way.  If you're single or in the dating pool this month, you're definitely just testing the waters.  You will know immediately whether or not you have chemistry with someone, and if they can handle you at your emotional peak and through these difficult times, you'll know you got a good one.  Focus on self-care and healing, and channeling your creativity through journaling and hobbies, and you'll emerge ready to take on any challenge.