Sexual Zodiac: August 2021

Sexual Zodiac: August 2021

We're roaring into your birthday month, Leo, and I know you can't wait to celebrate YOU!  You love your turn in the spotlight, so it's your lucky day to see what the stars have in store.  All the other signs are here, too,'s ok, you can share! Keep reading for your sex & love life predictions as we wind down a steamy summer.  It's gonna be hot!

Spotlight:  Born between July 23rd and August 22nd, Leo folks are represented by the noble and powerful symbol of the lion.  If this is your sign, you are probably proud of it, just as you are proud of your accomplishments in well you should be!  Members of the lion pride are usually confident natural-born leaders, and very popular due to their outgoing nature.  They are GIANT flirts and stellar at mingling and small talk, which makes it easy to meet a compatible fellow fire sign - Aries or Sagittarius, or an Aquarius for the hottest sex of your life!  Leos are fiercely protective of their loved ones, so if you love a Leo, consider yourself shielded from harm in any way they can control.  As long as that protectiveness doesn't turn into jealousy or possessiveness, anyone can enjoy a long and loyal romance with a Leo!      

It's your time to shine, Leo, so don't waste it.  The sun in your sign means everything is going smoothly for you in August. If you've had your heart set on hooking up with a long-admired interest, now is your chance!  You'll be tempted to stay busy and social, but make sure you take some time to recharge your batteries...and those in your toys!  A little self-love is a great way to relax.  Try the Lip Service Rechargeable Bullet or the B-Vibe Swirl Textured Plug (you've gotta celebrate Anal August, right?!), both in your power color of orange.  Pretend you're solar powered this month and spend lots of time outside.  A sunny bikini will help you find your ultimate level of relaxation on a bright beach.  Make plenty of time for yourself and your lover this month, and you'll be made in the shade.    

Virgo: August 23 - September 22

Nourish your creative side this month, Virgo, and focus on the process more than the product.  You may find yourself being nit-picky perfectionist about your own craft, or take that behavior out on your lover.  Having standards is one thing, but don't be rude.  Of course you deserve the best, but even partners who aren't a perfect 10 will give you many reasons for sticking it out.  Rekindle that flame creatively with a little warming wax play or some CBD-infused chocolate body paint.  You'll have no problem feeling inspired with your lover as your canvas.    

Libra: September 23 - October 22

Things might feel a little weird right now, but it's a good weird, and you're just vibing with it.  If you're not already paired with a water sign, you might find yourself attracted to one, as they can match your levels of strangeness in the best way possible...and they're good at going with the flow. Things in your love life may not take a traditional path this month, but that doesn't mean it's the wrong one!  Ride this wave and see where your heart will very seldom steer you wrong.  

Scorpio:  October 23 - November 21

The power and passion you were surfing on through July has started to make way for a more down-to-earth focus.  You had your fun, and now it's time to get serious.  This is a great time to focus on achieving relationship goals...or self-improvement goals, especially if it means pruning rubbish exes from your life.  If you're partnered, this is the perfect opportunity to focus on communication, and sharing some of your wildest fantasies.  Whether you've been curious about erotic massage, tantric sex, schoolgirl roleplay, or butt stuff, now's the time to express yourself.  If your partner's on board, you'll be bonding like crazy AND you can check those off your sexual bucket list!    

Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21

August is all about adventure for you, Sags!  The sun in exciting fellow fire sign Leo means you're up for anything.  Travel is probably on your agenda, and trying new things should be, too.  If you're single and seeking, you're starting to visit new places and seek new methods of meeting someone, and it will pay off!  If you're meeting someone in person for the first time, don't be afraid of getting a little help from sexy pheromones!  If you're coupled, focus on doing something out of the ordinary.  Trying anal plugs for the first time (for him AND her), dabbling in BDSM, or a little mutual masturbation with CBD arousal oil for her and Masturbation Cream for him.  Keep the focus on having fun, and your August will be anything but ordinary.      

Capricorn: December 22 - January 19

Mars entering grounded Virgo on July 29th means you're headed into August on a focused note.  It's all about the details to you now, and you actually find focusing on the little things to be a major turn-on. Find tiny ways to spice up your love life this month! Maybe don a sexy lingerie set or surprising men's wear and give your lover a strip tease. Or, treat them to a night of enthralling passion with all the exciting products to try in the Carnal Pleasures love kit.  Some may say the devil is in the details, but it's those pinpoint details that will keep things interesting this month!    

Aquarius:  January 20 - February 18

You're interested in focusing your attention on others this month, especially through humanitarian causes.  Volunteering for one you're passionate about can be a great way to meet someone new, or volunteer with your partner to help bring you closer.  Flip that giving nature to the bedroom by treating your lover to a sensual massage or some hot sex with a couple's c-ring that has something for both of you. Or, give in to the fetish fantasy your lover has shared with you for awhile now.  Things may get weird, but that can be a good thing!    

Pisces:  February 19 - March 20

The sun in fiery Leo is giving your relationships a much-needed push in the right direction.  Communication will make all the difference in the world, but that doesn't mean you need to get serious.  Joy and silliness will take you further this month, so whether you're partnered or seeking, make sure to take time to play. Bond with your lover over a sexy board game in the bedroom, or learn to express yourself creatively through kinky rope play.  As worn out as the phrase "live, laugh, love" is, that's kind of your mantra this month.  Just have fun with it!      

Aries:  March 21 - April 19

Your attention to detail, patience, and responsibility levels will be off the charts this month, and your partner or love interest will notice the change.  It's a great time to focus on any improvements needed on yourself or in your love life. Handle your business, but lavish plenty of time on your lover, too.  Treat them to a kinky Weekend in Bed, or find ways to be a generous lover with a toy just for them, or their favorite oral favors. Just don't let that focus on the details turn into being critical of your partner.  They'll notice that, too, and not in a good way.      

Taurus:  April 20 - May 20

You or your partner may have some emotional ups and downs this month, but you prove yourself to be a steadfast & reliable friend and lover through it all.  Help keep spirits light with fun & sexy bedroom games, or one that will help you know each other more intimately. Slow things down with a relaxing couple's massage to ease a troubled lover's mind and body. Then you can cherish those Golden Moments of closeness as you work through any challenges together.  A lover you can count on is a true treasure, and that's who you are this month.  

Gemini:  May 21 - June 20

Your gift of gab is shining through even more than usual, and those around you will notice.  Some of your more interesting and romantic traits are coming out, and your partner or love interest will eat it up.  Stay true to yourself, but lean into what your lover wants, too.  Since you're not always the best at sharing your feelings, opening up over intimate massages for a sexy weekend together would be a huge turn-on.  You can sweet talk your way into the heart & mind of anyone you choose to this month.  Just be honest about your emotions, and your words and actions this month will make your lover melt.      

Cancer:  June 21 - July 22

No matter what you've been facing, you are boldly going into the future with confidence and swagger. You may have some big romantic decisions to make, but you know what you want, and you deserve to go get it! Keep yourself feeling even better with plenty of time spent on self-care and masturbation. Ladies, the high-tech Love Distance Range Egg can bring you pleasure immediately and in the future (because you can use it to practice kegels for better orgasms).  Guys, unlocking new sensations with prostate play, vibrating c-rings, or one toy that does both will really boost your mood and your game.  Keep your head up this month and everything will go smoothly.