Sexual Zodiac: February 2021

Sexual Zodiac:  February 2021

Open those blinds and let the sun shine in, Aquarius.  It's your birthday soon and you're ready to celebrate.  You've had some darker days recently, but your life situation is about to take a noticeable upswing, and your emotions along with it!  Take a deep breath and get ready to embrace the changes like you embrace your lover.  There's plenty of good on the horizon for all the other signs, too, so read on to see what the month of love & romance has in store for YOUR sign!  

Spotlight:  Born between January 20th and February 18th, the free-spirited, strong-willed members of the sign Aquarius exist under a breezy air sign of the zodiac, even though their symbol is the water bearer...confusing, right?  Aquarians make great romantic partners with the other air signs, Libra or Gemini, but can get along with anyone if they want to!  They are generally conflict-averse and will steer clear of fighting, arguing, or drama, so don't push them to the edge, or you might be the one to go over!  Aquarians make great friends and lovers, and are super friendly, though they may take a bit to really open up to you.  If you're partnered with an Aquarian, it must mean you're not an egotistical person...they can't stand those...and you have an easy-going, caring, great listener to spend your life with.  As long as you keep things spontaneous and learn to go with the flow for them, you'll be happy together for a long time.  Aquarians are allergic to routine, but are content as long as they are striving to make the world a better place every day, and that includes in their relationships!  

You're starting to turn your recent inward focus outward again, and that gives you many opportunities to open up your heart to let in love and abundance.  If you're single and seeking, it's time to let your crush know.  If you're partnered, check in and make sure they don't feel like you've been stonewalling them.  Spread that extra love around by showering your sweetie with a romantic date night, complete with rose petals and a stunningly scented massage candle.  Or treat yourself to luxurious self-love with an exciting new toy like the Fun Factory Lady Bi for her or the Apollo Hydro Power Stroker for him.  You're finally feeling free to just be yourself, and you can't go wrong this month if you just ride the waves of positive change that are rolling in for you.  

Pisces: February 19 - March 20

Your desires are playing a bit of tug-of-war with your actions this month, Pisces.  Your attitude is precisely equal parts "do all the things!" vs. "lounging is life!"...and one of those sides is going to prevail.  Shaking things up with your partner might excite you enough to help break the cycle of slothing, though, so try something new with them like a kinky dice game or revealing new bedroom wear for him and her!  Whatever you can bring yourself to do this month will be successful, so if you put some effort into your love life, it will pay off big time!  

Aries:  March 21 - April 19

The sun in freethinking Aquarius this month is giving you the urge to explore and experiment.  If your partner's not on board with that, you may be tempted to seek out someone who is.  Communicating your desires is want to get them in the same mood you're in and be willing to try new things with you.  Maybe you've been curious about tying your lover up with some sensual bed restraints and having your way with them.  Or maybe you want to explore butt stuff for a change of pace.  It's important to be transparent about your desires and intentions, for both yourself and your lover.        

Taurus:  April 20 - May 20

It's a good month for you to drop your wall of stubbornness and open up to the possibilities around you.  If you've been looking for love, there's probably someone trying to catch your eye and you haven't even noticed!  If you're happily partnered, your lover is probably trying to get you to give a little, too, and get you out of your comfort zone.  It's a perfect time to dazzle them with a romantic massage or a kinky weekend of pleasure.  It's okay to push your boundaries a little and show your softer (or darker) side!    

Gemini:  May 21 - June 20

You're feeling free as a bird and ready to socialize, Gemini.  Your social game is strong this month, so use that to your advantage, whether it's for flirting, sexting, dating, or just getting more intimate with your partner.  It's a great time to spend evenings in cuddling with your partner in some silky lingerie and ultra-comfortable bamboo lounge pants that will show off your best assets. ;)  You can burn some of that frisky energy trying a role play scenario with your partner, too.  The cute costumes and pretending to be someone you're not is freeing, and will make you feel like you're meeting your lover for the first time again!  

Cancer:  June 21 - July 22

The sun in friendly Aquarius means you're extra outgoing this month.  If you're single and ready to mingle, mingle away!  Try a pheromone spray like Legend for him or Turn Off the Lights for her if you need a little confidence boost.  Your focus this month should be on how technology can improve your love life.  A dating site or app could help you find the love of your life, or if you're already partnered, reconnect with your lover in new ways with an app-controlled sex toy.  If you're feeling super experimental, you might even find that you really enjoy a little kinky electrosex play with a willing lover!  Focus on fun and electronic flirtation this month, and you can't go wrong!      

Leo:  July 23 - August 22

You're having a hard time seeing the bright side of things lately, lions, but don't get discouraged...if you stop looking for the positive, you'll have an even harder time finding it.  Treat yourself to some comforting self love with the Le Wand Chrome Point, or try a warming lube or massage oil for a little extra coziness during your next sexual encounter.  It might help boost your mood to dress up, even if you're not leaving your bedroom! Jealousy may start to creep in around the 21st, especially if there's someone else your partner communicates with a lot, but chances are very slim that there's actually anything to worry about.    

Virgo:  August 23 - September 22

Your communication and relationships are feeling a little all over the place right now.  Technology can help, but don't freak out if your love interest doesn't respond to your DMs right away...things are a bit chaotic for everyone right now.  It's a good time to tune in to yourself instead and focus on self care.  Try a unique and discreet bullet vibrator like the CalExotics MyPod...its high-tech case sanitizes and charges it! Virgo guys can get high-tech, too, with the PDX Elite Moto Stroker.  It's a great time to bond with your partner over a fun and sexy game, too.  Take care of your feelings and your relationships this month and you'll come out on top.  

Libra:  September 23 - October 22

The sun in experimental Aquarius has you ready to try new things.  Get creative with your approach to dating and mating.  Maybe it's time to try something kinky you've been curious about?  You might also find yourself craving more free time than usual.  Feel free to take some time away from your lover to focus on yourself with a luxrious toy like the Satisfyer Curvy 2 or the Le Wand Chrome Deux...your lover will understand.  Do whatever you need to do for yourself and for your partner to maintain balance, and just enjoy it.    

Scorpio:  October 23 - November 21

You've had a nice, romantic January, Scorpio, but things maybe got a little deep at times.  February brings a chance to just reconnect with your lover in a more lighthearted way and just have fun with each other.  Bare it all and bring out your playful side with a bondage kit or an erotic board game.  Throw in some glowing condoms for sex that's anything but traditional.  Your best lover is someone who brings you out of your introverted shell, so if you haven't found them yet, that's what you're seeking.  As long as you're laughing with your lover this month, you'll have a much happier time.  

Sagittarius:  November 22 - December 21

You'll have some exciting opportunities in life and in love this month, Sag.  Just make sure you don't get too carried away; it's important to consult your partner before you make any major life decisions that will affect you both.  Encourage that closeness and bonding with a great new couple's toy like the WeVibe Chorus, or come even closer together by exchanging sensual massages with a warm glowing massage oil candle.  If you're single and seeking, you're feeling confident enough to put on a sexy teddy as outerwear and go out of the town.  Be ready for lots of good things to come your way, if you go out and get them!

Capricorn:  December 22 - January 19

You may realize you've been spending your money too frivolously in some areas.  Trim where you can, but remember that it's okay to splurge on things that make you and your lover feel good.  A bedroom treat for yourself like the All That Glimmers massage wand, perfect for solo or couple use, is a great place to start.  A gorgeous robe or some sexy, comfy boxers will help you feel like the queen or king of your castle even when you're just lounging at home.  This is a good month for making plans (including planning to meet the love of your life if you haven't already!) and communicating with your partner.  Slow and steady wins the race.  

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