Sexual Zodiac: July 2021

Sexual Zodiac:  July 2021

It's almost your birthday, Cancer peeps!  You're ready to celebrate as we splash into the season of the Crab.  You're ready to have the Hot Girl (or Hot Guy) Summer of a lifetime, and the stars are aligned for that to work swimmingly for you!  The sex and relationship predictions for all the other signs are here, too, so read on to see what's in store for your love life as we blaze into a sexy & sweltering July!

Spotlight:  Cancer folks, those born under the sign of the crab between June 21st and July 22nd, belong to an emotional water sign along with Pisces and Scorpio. They are the best matches with those signs, as well.  Ruled by the mysterious Moon, they are passionate, creative, secretive (even though they are nosy AF themselves), intuitive, and caring.  Cancer folks treasure self-care and maintaining beautiful spaces and beautiful selves. They are very into sex, and are quite good at it, too, making them excellent lovers.  Cancerians can sometimes be needy or clingy in a relationship or friendship, but the attention and love you give to them, they will return in spades.  Their friendship or love can feel intense at times, but it is also loyal...and very worth it.          


You have learned that while other people can help make you happier, you can't depend on others to be happy!  You're inwardly focused right now and ready to make improvements to your own life, for the sake of your own happiness.  Whether you're working on diet and exercise so you can look even hotter in your sexy new teddy, or studying or training for a new career, your efforts this month will definitely pay off.  Trying new things to pursue more happiness in the bedroom won't go unrewarded, either!  Introduce some buzzy and bulge-enhancing fun into your lovemaking routine with the Link Up Edge, a dual-stim cock ring that will please both of you!  Maintaining strong pelvic floor muscles with kegel training will ensure you can both keep enjoying your sex long into the night.  Experiment with a clitoral arousal balm for her or a pleasure gel for him, and you'll both enjoy experiencing sensations (and orgasms) like never before!      

Leo: July 23 - August 22

You are really feeling yourself this month, Leo, and others will be, too!  You know you look good and your sexual confidence is at an all-time high, and new admirers or your partner will be drawn to you like moths to a flame.  Show your glow in the Playing Koi Bra Set or the Private Screening Fish Bowl Brief...both will be a sexy surprise for when your lover inevitably gets you out of your clothes.  You'll be winning no matter what you do right now, so play together under the stars with the Glow in the Dark Game Kit or try your luck with some Bedroom Truth or Dare.  No matter who "wins" you'll both come out on top!    


Virgo: August 23 - September 22

Mercury has gone direct again, so you're starting off July with a clean slate.  Misunderstandings and arguments are a thing of the past, and you may have an opportunity to reopen a line of communication with a past love you've been thinking about.  It's also a good time to forget past troubles and smooth things out with your partner.  Your love works better when you're an open book, so don't be afraid to open up and communicate clearly.  An evening full of intimate massage is a great way to reconnect with your lover, and a warming glide will help melt the ice even more.  Focus on exchanging plenty of information and affection this month, and new romantic adventures are surely on the horizon for you.    

Libra: September 23 - October 22

The Sun in Cancer along with loving Venus makes this month all about warmth & nurturing for you.  If you're single & seeking, it may be a lonely time for you.  Don't forget to reach out to friends if things feel too sad or heavy.  If you start putting yourself out there (let pheromones give you a boost!), though, you'll have wonderful company in no time.  If you're coupled, it's a great time to start a DIY project together at home, or take a cooking or art class together.  Since it's all about taking care of your lover this month, try some nurse role play and indulge in some private playtime with a couple's toy.    

Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

Mind-opening Jupiter goes retrograde and the sun enters Cancer all on the summer solstice on June 20th & 21st.  With all this watery & emotional cosmic energy around as we head into July, you might have to learn to just go with the flow.  Your path will become clear in no time if you can just dig in your heels and wait a minute.  Since you feel a little out of control, take charge in the bedroom by being the dominant player in some BDSM scenes with your lover.  Get frisky in the Risque Business Gartered Bra Set or the Cock Pit Cock Ring Net Mini Shorts.  Remember that getting kinky can be good for you and just enjoy!        

Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21

Romantic Venus summering in fellow fire sign Leo means your July will be full of opportunities for passionate encounters and hot, HOT sex.  It won't take much convincing to get your partner to try something new this month, but it's good for you to take control, anyway.  Strap on Her Royal Harness and a Jezebel Dildo and rule like the Queen you are!  Unruly subject?  Whip them into shape with the Rouge Anaconda Riding Crop, or soothe them into submission with some kissable massage cream.  If you're single and seeking, don't miss out on any opportunities to meet someone this month...they'll come at you fast!  Fulfil your own carnal needs in the meantime with the Menage a Moi rabbit vibe or the Optimum Power Ultimate Head Exciter.  Who knew being naughty could feel so nice?      

Capricorn: December 22 - January 19

You've been tying up loose ends and going after what you really want lately, and that includes in your love life.  You may be coping with a lost love right now, but new & better things are on the horizon.  It's true what they say: when one door closes, another one opens.  If things are rocky, make sure to take some time for self care...and self love!  Try the intense pleasure & unique sensations offered up by the Inmi 7x Pulse Pro Clit Stimulator for her, or the crazy-looking but crazy powerful Different Strokes Dual Motor Stroker for him.  Refresh your senses with the Sensual Mint Shower Gel from Shunga, and slip into something satiny & sexy, whether it's for yourself or your lover!  Take it slow and you'll make it through the dog days of summer with your spirits intact.    

Aquarius: January 20 - February 18

Mercury has gone direct again, so your July starts off as smooth as can be!  Troublesome technology issues and communication troubles with your partner are a thing of the past, so it's time for reconnecting...literally and figuratively!  Get closer with the app-controlled Double Joy couples toy, or if you're flying solo, make your own fireworks with the Love Distance Reach Wearable Vibrator.  A sexy couple's game will get you back to having fun and being intimate after a rather down-in-the-dumps June.  Speaking of down, now's a great time to perfect your going-down game...for her or for him!  Helping your partner experience pleasure will bring you just as much happiness as experiencing it yourself, so share the love this month!          

Pisces: February 19 - March 20

With all the emotional watery lunation going on this month, your head is focused, but your heart is all over the place, Pisces.  Your dreams are trying to tell you something, too, but they're getting hard to interpret.  If your relationship seems off, it's time to make some lists and zero in on what you really's too short to spend it with the wrong person.  If things are going smoothly, just focus on keeping close to your partner...they'll provide the emotional support you need right now.  Relaxing couples massages or a mutual masturbation session with your unique new g-spot vibe or sleeve will be a fun change of pace.        

Aries: March 21 - April 19

You have a way with words this month that will bring any long-standing arguments or misunderstandings to an end.  If your sex life with your partner has been suffering, get back on a good wavelength with a couple's vibe like the Xlr8 Double C-Ring.  If you're single and seeking, declare your intentions proudly in the Fill Me Up Club Dress and some pheromone perfume.  If you've been chatting with someone online or via text, it's time to seal the deal in person. If you're coupled, keep that great communication flowing and enjoy an intimate game where everyone bed.    

Taurus: April 20 - May 20

Every aspect of your life is coming into very clear focus right now.  You're evaluating your relationships and your choices and seeing where you may need to make changes.  There's nothing wrong with moving on from something if you feel stuck. You may find yourself disagreeing with a partner about your core values this month.  You have no problem with other people who may choose alternative lifestyles, but they don't mesh well with your traditional visions for your life.  It is most important that you feel seen and respected in your relationship, and if that's not the case, it may be time to move on.        

Gemini: May 21 - June 20

Mercury going direct in your sign on June 22nd sends you into July on a fun and flirty note.  You're feeling free and like there's no reason to censor yourself anymore.  If you're looking to meet someone, put yourself out there and just be yourself...Mr. Right or Ms. Right will come along before you know it.  If you're already with someone, put in a little extra effort to show your partner that they're always on your mind.  As long as they don't feel jilted during this particularly jovial and flirtatious period for you, everything will go smoothly.