Sexual Zodiac: June 2020

Sexual Zodiac: June 2020

Spotlight:  Those belonging to the lively, wispy air sign of Gemini are born between May 22 and June 20.  Gemini peeps are the spunkiest among the other air signs (Libra & Aquarius), so they're a lot of fun to be around, but they can also be really hard to pin down.  Geminis are much easier to turn into friends than they are to turn into partners, but if you've got one stuck like glue to you as a lover, you rock!  They really think you're special to make you a priority in their life, and they will continue to be loyal to a just might have your work cut out for you keeping up with their, uhhh...moods!  Geminis have an amazing gift of gab and really deep feelings, coupled with impulsivity.  This means they sometimes (accidentally) use their words as weapons, which can be hurtful to those around them.  If they can use their brains and watch their mouths, though, they are an unstoppable force of knowledge, goofiness, and spontaneity, which everyone could use a little more of in their life!

Take a breath, Gemini!  You've been burning the candle at both ends, and it's starting wear on you.  You've been doing a ton of great work getting your ducks in a row, and now it's time to sit back, relax, and reap the rewards of your efforts.  June is time for you to take a break and just go with the flow, Gems.  We know routine is a dirty word for you, so make sure to find your comfortable stride in a way that doesn't bore you.  Increase your abundant knowledge base and spice up your sex life with snippets suitable for your attention span found in Cosmo's 365 Naughty Nights book.  There's a fun new sexy trick to try every night of the year!  All that downtime you'll be giving yourself means more time for self-love, so check out The Wand by We-Vibe.  It has that classic wand styling with powerful massaging functions, and the amazing Smart Silence technology.  It comes with its own attachments suitable for both men and women, and can accommodate those sold for most other standard wands, so you'll truly never get bored!  After a little rejuvenation time, your personality will be shining through this month, so it's a perfect time to meet someone new if you're single, or open new doors in your current relationship to bring you two even closer together.        

Cancer:  June 21 - July 22

The new moon in Gemini is making you hyper-alert.  You've had someone on your mind a lot lately, Cancer, and it's for a good reason.  If you're single and thinking about a new potential flame, it's definitely going to turn into a good thing, but you need to make the next move.  If you're already partnered, maybe you've been thinking about your love because you haven't been devoting your full attention to them.  You've been running on high mental energy, but maybe your relationship has been getting the short end of the stick.  It's time to tune in!  Show them you still care with a special date night at home.  Cook them their favorite meal, put on something fancy but sexy, and wine and dine your lover.  Dim the lights and keep the good vibes flowing with a partner toy from We-Vibe to show you're still in sync with each other. Finally, if the person on your mind doesn't fit into the above categories, then it's a past relationship that you have no business getting back into, but maybe just need something to bring you closure.  Don't stress, you'll find it!        

Leo:  July 23 - August 22

You're in a bit of an introspective mode this month, Leo, so it's maybe not the best time to really emotionally open up to a new relationship...things you reveal might come back to haunt you.  You're feeling philosophical and really wanting to separate the wheat from the chaff in your life:  What is important, and what is no longer serving you?  Make sure you consider all viewpoints, especially if anything concerns your most important relationships.  If you're partnered, you likely don't want to trim anything from that aspect of your life, so proceed with caution.   The properties of CBD are known to calm nerves and take the raw edges off emotions, so you two should take a romantic date night from the bathtub to the bedroom with the Kush Queen CBD Love Kit. Any promises you make right now, your lover will definitely expect you to keep, so don't say it if you can't make good on it.  Stay on solid ground and communicate clearly, and you'll have a great month for love!    

Virgo:  August 23 - September 22

You're feeling more social and less inhibited as you head into June, Virgo.  The trine between the Gemini sun and hardworking Saturn in Aquarius as we enter the month puts you in a goal-setting, problem-solving, logic-using mindset.  You are ready to take on anything troubling you, especially with your romantic relationships.  If you're partnered and having problems, try looking for new solutions.  Be open and honest with each other, and explore options you've never considered before to keep things fun and lively.  Hanging out with other couples is a really good idea for you this month, too.  If you're single, take plenty of time for self-care (and indulgent self-love!) and really consider what you want out of your next relationship.  If you do the legwork now and really hone in on what you want, it may save you from some struggles down the road.  

Libra:  September 23 - October 22

Get your flirt on, Libra!  That's your theme for the month!  Whether you are single or happily S.O.'d up, flirtation is your motivation for deeper relations in June!  You have a natural gift of gab, and your personality is really shining through this month.  Whether you are a guy or a girl, slip into something a little naughty and out of your comfort zone, and prepare to flirt it up with your lover or any potential suitors you come across.  Even if you've been with you partner for years, flirting with them will lead to fun conversations, which will lead to a strong rapport, which will lead to a deeper relationship, and hopefully many years of good things to come!  Turn up your flirtation games in the bedroom, do a sexy dance, or try some new oral skills...your mouth is good for more than, talking after all!  The month will go by in the blink of an eye, but you are ready to flirt your way through!  

Scorpio:  October 23 - November 22

The Mercury-Venus conjunction in Gemini heading into the month puts you in a talkative, flirtatious mood, too, Scorpio.  Maybe it's all that being cooped up from quarantine, but you're ready to mingle!  If you're also single, new opportunities for connection will be abundant, and you'll have no problem closing the deal if you want to.  If you're perfectly partnered, look for fun, new ways to communicate with your lover.  Your new approaches will be a turn-on!  Let your pheromones work their attractive magic, try sexting when you're apart, or play an anything-goes game about your deepest fantasies.  Just have fun with it!  Don't forget to whisper plenty of sweet nothings and say plenty of "I Love You"s...your partner might need a little comfort and reassurance right now, and it's never the wrong time to say something so important.      

Sagittarius:  November 22 - December 21

You are feeling powerful and passionate this month, Archers, and your aim is true.  If you're single, you are super curious about someone new.  Trust your gut and go for it if it feels right.  If you're partnered, treat your love as your partner in crime this month, and get up to some sexy shenanigans.  You're feeling a little rough after some recent difficulties, but it's time to lighten up and have fun now.  Sing karaoke, try an escape room, have a backyard BBQ, or get out the Slip n' Slide on a hot day...just don't hurt yourself...ya old! ;)  When bedtime rolls around, let your sweetheart treat you to a sensual massage and then return the favor, or have some fun using toys on each other...after you use it on yourself first to show them how you like it!  You can't go wrong if you stay true to yourself and remember to show those around you that you care.  

Capricorn:  December 22 - January 20

Things are flowing along a little easier for you now, Caps, and this month your sights are set on long-term goals.  If you've been questioning if your relationship is really in it for the long haul, now is the time to have that talk, as uncomfortable as it may be.  If you're single and seeking, this isn't the time for flings.  You will be viewing anyone you meet as a potential life partner, and if you don't think they're worth your time, you don't need to give it to them...let them down nicely, though!  Keep an open mind, and don't be afraid to listen to the advice of friends.  If you're happily partnered, no need to rock the boat!  Keep things new and fresh with some modern tantric sex techniques and hot lingerie.  Oh, and music!  make a playlist that sets the mood for love making.  Listening to music during sex helps you feel more connected to and in love with your partner.  There will be no guesswork about how into each other you are when that's done...every night!

Aquarius:  January 21 - February 19

There is a fresh element of wonder and curiosity about your your relationship this month, even if you've been together for years.  Talking and asking fun & intimate questions of each other can help you get to know each other even better, and grow deeper as a couple.  Every experience will feel new and exciting, so enjoy this time to the fullest!  If you're looking for a relationship, it's a great time to flirt and be flirted with.  Need help with attraction? Try some pheromone perfume or cologne.  If you meet the right person it's meant to be, they will see how great you are and stick around.  Anything you start right now will be lasting, so get comfy.  Setting long-term goals as a team is great for your personal life and your love've got to make sure you're both growing, together.  

Pisces:  February 20 - March 20

You are feeling extra creative this month, Pisces, which works well with the fact that you're also feeling a little more introverted than normal.  Even as life ticks back to "normal" around us and people can gather more, you're still pretty comfortable being a hermit.  Keep rocking on your creative projects at home, and express your feelings and sentimentality to your lover or friends through handwritten poems, love notes, or cards.  Everyone loves to get mail right now, even if it arrives on their pillow!  Play Creative Games for Lovers together, or make up your own games!  Touch is really meaningful right now, so make sure you get plenty of it from your lover with lots of couple's massages that lead to more fun in the bedroom.  If you're single, you're likely not in a rush to change that right now, so make sure you treat yourself to an amazing toy (ladies) that will take care of your needs (gents) privately!  

Aries:  March 21 - April 20

Mercury and Venus join up in Gemini at the beginning of the month to make communication go your way.  If you've been wanting to have an important conversation with your partner, or you want to convince them to try something new with you, now's your time!  Don't take advantage of this, though, if you're just starting out in a don't want to exaggerate the facts or bend the truth with someone you care about.  You're also unusually in the mood for compromise, so let them take the reins for a bit.  Have them choose what you do for your next date night, let them pick a new sex position to try for the evening, or just go on a drive to their choice of destination.  You'll just be happy to be along for the ride.  Relinquishing some of that control will make plans easier, and free up some of your buzzing mental energy for other important matters.  

Taurus:  April 21 - May 21

June will be an and easy-going and outspoken month for you.  If you're looking for love, you'll find it if you lay it all out on the table.  Be yourself, and don't leave anything unsaid between you and a potential lover.  Be cautious about setting dates and making firm're feeling a little wishy-washy this month, and forgetfulness or lateness might become an issue.  If it's an established partner you accidentally wind up bailing on, hopefully they will understand and not take it personally.  Remember that it's OK to be open and honest about your shortcomings...everyone makes mistakes!  Make up for a faux pas with a romantic evening together.  You can even whip up some aphrodisiac "Love Potions" in your kitchen, then retreat to the bedroom for some amazing play with a couple's toy.  Remember, as the comedy musical Avenue Q taught us,  "you can be as loud as the hell you want when you're making love!"