Sexual Zodiac: June 2021

Sexual Zodiac:  June 2021

Your birthday is coming up, Gemini, and you're ready to party!  You have probably generated enough ideas of ways to celebrate that you'll be having fun all month long!  The spotlight is on you, tantalizing twins, but all the other signs are here, too!  Read on to see what the stars have in store for YOUR sex and love life this June!

Spotlight:  Born between May 21st and June 20th, Gemini - "the twins" - are an air sign along with Libra and Aquarius.  The breezy air element helps explain Gemini's sometimes flighty personality and their ability to blow in and out of people's lives without much thought.  If a Gemini has chosen you for a life partner, feel honored: the thought of "settling down" is a fate equivalent to death for most Geminis.  They cherish variety and like to be done with one thing and on to the next in rapid succession.  Geminis are amazingly smart, curious, playful (read: sometimes immature), and very emotionally chill, which can be frustrating when their partner just wishes they would FEEL something, dammit!  If you are easy-going enough to love a Gemini, they will bring you a lifetime of excitement through their love of travel, partying, and their driving need to communicate with go write your partner a love song to show them how you feel...they deserve it!  

The stars are finally aligning for you, Gemini, and you're in a good place to ride that wave of joy.  The new moon in Taurus last month set off a wave of positive change for you and many other signs, and everything feels like it's falling into place.  With all these extra emotional resources freed up, you can start to invest more in your love life.  If you're single & seeking, it's time to get back out there.  If you're partnered, reignite the flames by bringing your playful side into the bedroom.  Spark some steamy bedroom game time with The Bedroom Book, or the Bedroom Bondage Book if naughty is more your speed!  Don't forget some basic props if you want to explore BDSM with your lover! Solo or coupled, you'll have fun with toys that look simple on the surface but have tons of creative options for how you play with them, like the Sunny Sensations vibrator in your power color of yellow, or the Endless Fun couples vibe from Satisfyer.  Their names both describe the happy, sexy, and satisfied mood that will carry you through June!      

Cancer:  June 21 - July 22

You have a lot of future plans on your plate right now and you're probably spending a lot of time rushing around like a crazy person.  It's ok to slow down and smell the roses...everything will work out in due time.  Get comfy and take some time to indulge in romantic evenings with your lover (or yourself) with the smooth & satisfying toys in the Silver Delights collection.  After a busy day of errands and adulting, light a candle and turn your bath into a personal oasis with the Oriental Crystals Lotus Flower bath salts from Shunga.  Try to stop worrying so much and just enjoy having so much to look forward to!  

Leo:  July 23 - August 22

The sun in fun and flirty Gemini helps you realize that variety is the spice of life this month, Leo.  Don't fixate too hard on just one romantic scenario; it's a great time to branch out and open up to more lucky people who should get to know how awesome you are!  If you're happily partnered, don't forget to be a shameless flirt with them, too!  Spritz on some sultry pheromone body spray, up your dirty talk IQ, or treat your lover to an intoxicating massage with Foria CBD Intimacy Massage Oil in a romantic Ylang-Ylang fragrance.  Keep things different every time you're with your mate (established or potential) and you'll have a fun and fiery month!        

Virgo:  August 23 - September 22

Your home planet of Mercury is retrograde in duality-driven Gemini for the first couple weeks of June, which means there may be some mix-ups in the communication, technology, and romance departments.  This may make dating and mating a little difficult, but you can work around it.  Focus on communicating clearly with any love interests, double-checking dates and times, and being open and honest.  Don't get too frustrated if you and a lover get your wires crossed.  Embrace the tangly nature of your mood this month (and your darker curiosities) with sensuous rope play, sexy and strappy fetish wear, and a sex swing to take your love to new heights.  Get over the early hurdles and you'll come out on top...or on the bottom if that's how you prefer it!    

Libra:  September 23 - October 22

A challenging Venus-Neptune square on May 27th sends you into June feeling a little confused and indecisive.  If you have "a feeling" about a love life or relationship, listen to your intuition and don't second guess yourself...your heart will tell you the right path.  You can get through this confused period by spelling things out for your partner. Don't leave anything up to subtle hints!  If you want a romantic weekend with your lover, set the stage with rose petals and a strongly-worded massage oil candle perfect for getting your hands all over your lover.  You can't say anything unclear if you and your lover's mouths are busy performing mind-blowing oral favors for each other, either!  Turn up your focus and go after what you really want this month - you'll get it and then some!      

Scorpio:  October 23 - November 21

You may have recently had to put an end to something in your life.  It was a long time coming, but that doesn't make it any less painful.  It does open the door for new beginnings, though.  It's ok to take your time with things this month...rushing anything in love will just cause more damage.  Turn your focus inward and build up your pleasure chest with luxurious new rabbit toy or stroker for some amazing self-love.  Take this time to refresh your lingerie closet, too...comfy chic chemises and bamboo boxers will help you chill for the month until you're feeling more like getting out in the world and being lucky in love again.      

Sagittarius:  November 22 - December 21

Whether single or partnered, your love life is in a comfortable holding pattern right now, Sags.  While it's fine to sit back and enjoy that, it's also a good opportunity to push yourself outside of your comfort zone ever so slightly.  If you're partnered this lunation is a good time to hone in on enhancing your intimacy with your lover.  Have fun with this by playing a grown-up getting-to-know-you game that will hopefully end in harmonious and deeply passionate sex.  Whether you use it solo or with a partner or not even on your genitals at all, a LeWand Plug-in Vibrating Massager will bring home those powerful good vibes you need to get closer to your lover and closer to happiness this month.    

Capricorn:  December 22 - January 19

Whatever your relationship status right now, Caps, things are going smoothly and it's a good time to stay the course.  It's a good time to take inventory of your feelings and tune in to enhancing the areas of your life that you can.  If your relationship has been on the struggle bus lately, spend some time reconnecting with your lover through intimate massage...don't forget the sensually scented oil and warming heart massager to make it extra touching.  You'll realize you're both giving love your best, and that you have way more pros than cons stacked up in most areas of your life.  Don't get antsy and screw up a good thing.    

Aquarius:  January 20 - February 18

The sun in fellow air sign Gemini is illuminating some new possibilities for relationships and romantic scenarios.  You're already an experimental sign, and this transit is the perfect time for you to find (or enhance your relationship with) a partner who also appreciates romantic innovation.  Chatty Gemini season has you feeling like quite the social butterfly...just make sure to bring your partner along for the ride so they don't feel left out.  It's the perfect time to dress up and go clubbing, dabble in BDSM, make a run at multiple orgasms, or suggest that threesome you've always been longing for. Just make sure to communicate clearly and be sensitive to your partner's concerns, and they should embrace your need for novelty.        

Pisces:  February 19 - March 20

Mercury retrograde is ushering in June with three weeks of if you need more of that, right Pisces?! Try to avoid making any major romantic decisions for the first three weeks of this month.  If you do have a big choice to make, consult a trusted just really can't rely on your own brain (or heart) right now.  That being said, it's a good time for self-care and goal setting.  Treat yourself to some vibe therapy and tune in to the healing benefits of CBD balm.  It might be a good time to get out of your head with some sexy or silly role play with your partner, too.  Sometimes it's fun to pretend to be someone you're not. Focus on creating the romantic world you want to be a part of this month, and it will come to pass...just don't push it.        

Aries:  March 21 - April 19

You're starting the month on an emotionally sensitive vibe, and you'll be most in sync with people emanating a similar energy.  You are feeling charming and powerful, so it's a good time to meet and greet if you're single and seeking...a boost from a flirty pheromone perfume or cologne will up the ante.  If you're partnered, you might be feeling a little burdened by their needs.  They can feel that you are tense around them and unable to share your feelings.  Let your compassionate side take over and spend quality time with them whispering sweet nothings and making (and keeping!) sexy promises.  They're not being too demanding, they just want you!  

Taurus:  April 20 - May 20

You're still riding the wave of "clean slate" energy started by the new moon in your sign last month.  Every choice you make in life right now will only stand to make your situation better.  Be deliberate with your goal setting, especially in romance and your finances.  You want a nice stable foundation to build your relationship on.  It's nice to fantasize and dream, but the more down-to-earth your dreams are, the better your chance of success.  Bring that good choice making energy into the bedroom with the Lover's Choice game, sure to have you and your lover teasing and pleasing each other into the wee hours.