Sexual Zodiac: May 2021

Sexual Zodiac: May 2021

Happy Birthday month to you, Taurus peeps!  I'm sure you already have your wish list made of the little luxurious things you've had your eye on.  Hopefully someone treats you to them as gifts, but if not, I know you'll make them happen yourself!  This is a good time for you to listen to your intuition and avoid overthinking...if you can do that, you'll have a lucky-in-love month.  Read on for the star-spun May predictions for your love and sex life...and all the other signs, too!    

Spotlight:  Born between April 20th and May 20th, Taurus folks, or Taureans, reside under the Earth sign of the bull.  It's a fitting symbol for these fierce, take-charge individuals. If you want something done, ask a Taurus!  Perseverance, patience, and attention to detail are some of their strongest qualities.  Maybe make sure to give them a deadline, though, because Taureans also have a very strong desire to chill as much as possible. This may make them come across as lazy or spacey if they take awhile to accomplish something, but they're actually very process-oriented and analytical and these things take time!  As far as lovers go, Taureans are as hot as they come and draw admirers like moths to a flame...especially when they turn on their flirting game! And if you, too, love food, shopping, money, and relaxing surrounded by beautiful creature comforts, you definitely have something in common with a Taurus!

Lucky you getting to kick off your star sign's birthday month on 4/20, Taurus!  Have your fun, but don't forget to make time for some love.  If green is your power color in more ways than one, you can continue to celebrate all month long with the Jessi 420 Bullet or the Ziggy 420 Cock Ring, perfect for partnered play.  It's a good month for romance, as you can expect to be on a pretty even keel emotionally.  Your partner might think they know exactly what to expect from you, so surprise them with a striptease and some kinky, sexy game time with the Secret Kisses Noire Set...or they can surprise you as a birthday gift!  Elevate your chillaxing to the next level with some sultry but comfy lingerie like the Madison Pajama Set, the Rhea Chemise, or some Men's Bamboo Lounge Pants and you'll have a month dreams are made of.  

Gemini:  May 21 - June 20

Gemini, your bedroom eyes are one of your greatest features, and this is your month to turn up the smolder!  You've been a little emotionally unavailable lately, and your partner might be feeling it.  Turn up the heat in the Eyelash Lace Bustier & G-string or the Fireman Trunk Set with Suspenders for a little too-hot-to-handle role play.  Whether you're happily partnered or single & seeking, your flirtation game will take a boost from some wonderful-smelling pheromones.  Seal the deal by reconnecting with your lover through passionate slow sex, complete with plenty of intensely pleasurable oral or nipple play.  There's no reason to rush when your relationship is involved.    

Cancer: June 21 - July 22

You're heading into May really vibing on yourself.  You finally feel like you know exactly what you want out of life and love, and you're going to get it!  And we're talking deep, emotional needs, not random desires...though it's nice to indulge those from time to time as well.  It's time to cut anything that is no longer serving you, or help your partner change behavior patterns that aren't working for the two of you.  Treat yourself to some self-love infused with soothing CBD from the High On Love Objects of Desire kit.  Single or partnered, you're feeling yourself, and there's no shame in that game!  

Leo: July 23 - August 22

Passionate Taurus energy will help bring you some very intense and memorable intimate times this month, Leo.  Make the moments extra special with some stunning lingerie, and spicy men's wear, too...the ladies don't get to have ALL the fun!  That philosophy applies to toys, too, so get something you can both enjoy. It's a perfect time to bond over a sensuous bedroom game that's certain to lead to lots of memorable fun between the sheets.  The only thing you need to beware of this month is jealousy.  If you're green with envy and freaked out that your lover is up to something, talk to them without being accusatory.  You almost certainly have nothing to worry about.    

Virgo:  August 23 - September 22

Messenger Mercury in fellow Earth sign Taurus has you more in your emotional comfort zone than you've been in awhile, and communication will come more easily to you.  Open that door of connection with your lover through a Weekend in Bed full of exciting tantric massage.  Don't forget the extra massage oil, and the CBD infused intimate oil for a sensual boost of Bliss.  It's okay to take your time with sex, and to enjoy solo sex and getting in touch with yourself.  You always take things at your own pace and like to talk it out, and your partner, whether long-term or new, must accept that about you.    

Libra:  September 23 - October 22

Your eyes are on the prize this month, Libra, and you're going after what you want.  Success will come your way both romantically and financially.  Set your sights high and get your spending in order, but that doesn't mean it's not okay to treat yourself.  You and your relationship deserve self-care, too!  Whether you and your partner want to blaze together on 4/20 or just enjoy a romantic staycation complete with sweet and sensual treats, it's okay to enjoy life's little luxuries while you also scrimp and save with a focus on your future.  

Scorpio:  October 23 - November 21

Sorry, Scorpio...this month is time for you to confront the romantic demons in your life, past and present.  It may not be the most fun thing, but it's important for you to have closure and move forward in a way that serves you.  Whether it means talking to an ex or having some important conversations with your current lover, it's important to clean out your emotional closet; not be chained to the past.  If your partner is open to exploring it with you, it may be a good time to dabble with some BDSM.  Sensual rope play or some gentle spanking will help relieve stress and keep you playing together.  CBD lube is another great way to calm the nerves and excite your senses for some of the best make-up sex you've ever had if stuff gets intense.  It might take a little work, but love is always worth it.        

Sagittarius:  November 22 - December 21

It's a time of transformation for you, Sag, and you're going to rock it!  When it comes to love and life in general, don't do what you've always done if you want different results.  Whether your relationship is new or old, now is a good time to reveal yourself more to your partner.  There's no need for secrets anymore; if your partner can't handle your truth, they're not the one for you, and it's important to find that out and move on.  Your lover means the world to you, of course, but it's important to take care of yourself, too...guys and girls.  It's hard to love others when you have a hard time loving yourself.    

Capricorn:  December 22 - January 19

Deep-thinking, transformative Pluto going retrograde on April 27th means May is the time to work on yourself.  Whatever you think that means right now, you're probably right!  You have the chance to eliminate something holding you back, or open yourself up to a new level of love and intimacy you've never experienced before.  It's important that you make this a "me" thing more than an "us" thing.  The more you expect your partner to try and fix you, the longer it will take.  Start on this journey with something new to awaken your senses.  Whether you're sharing the love with your partner or playing on your own, you can't go wrong with stroking your own ego a bit and knowing you're worth the effort!      

Aquarius:  January 20 - February 18

You've been fairly practical and stoic the past month, and you're ready to cut loose.  A vacation in the tropics is calling your name...even if you can only go on one in your imagination. Brightly colored lingerie, some sweet and sensual pineapple-coconut arousal oil, and an erotic massage with the warm oil from an Island Passion Candle will transport you and your lover there in the bedroom while you work to plan the real thing.  The water is calling you.  Embrace nature and the call of the islands, and let the Treasures of the Sea soothe you as you work to bond with yourself or your partner this month.  You definitely deserve a vacation!  

Pisces:  February 19 - March 20

You've been owning your sensuality, setting better boundaries, and appreciating your own worthiness more lately, Pisces, and it's finally paying off!  While bullheaded Taurus season usually makes people dig in their heels and stay in their comfort zones, you keep making forward progress.  Support your progress with some self-love gifts, whether it's the Kusha 420 Vibrator or some Kush from the earth are great for you right now.  A natural water-based lube will make all your empowered sexual encounters go smoothly.  Keep luxuriating in how grounded you're feeling right now with the soothing warmth generated by the Touch Lubricant Warmer.  You're coming out of your shell and embracing these changes, and you'll never want to go back!  

Aries:  March 21 - April 19

Your aggressive planet Mars in gentler Cancer for the month has you a lot more in your feelings than usual.  It's ok to take your ambition & drive down a notch as you adjust to this more sensitive side.  This is a perfect time to embrace the calm (and your lover) with some sensual massage.  Rich, luxurious scents and a touch of warmth will deepen your connection to the earth and to each other. Bring home a romantic evening together (or a self-love night solo) with the powerful vibes and sensations from the Silver Delights Collection.  Honor your inner hippie this month by focusing on peace, love, and staying grounded, and you'll have a great May.