Sexual Zodiac: October 2020

Sexual Zodiac:  October 2020

Happy Birthday to YOU, Librans!  Your natural charm & magnetism are shining through more than ever, so you have lots of friends and admirers who can't wait to celebrate with you...when you can fit them in, of course!  Read on to see what the stars have in store this month for Libra and all the other signs!  

Spotlight:  If you were born between September 23rd and October 22nd, you're a member of the most balanced air sign (more so than your other airy friends in Aquarius and Gemini!) known as Libra.  Your life's motto could be, "A place for everything and everything in its place"...and we're talking about EVERY aspect of your life, not just stuff.  Balance is such an important aspect of your zodiac sign, its symbol is literally a balance scale!  You treasure keeping everything in your life fair, orderly, and on an even keel, and you can't stand mess, chaos, or any shenanigans that would threaten to undermine your constant striving for perfection and beauty in all things.  Ruled by planet Venus, you appreciate love, kindness, and aesthetic beauty, making you an incredible lover, a great listening ear and shoulder to cry on among your friends, and possibly quite the artist or DIYer!  Librans are definitely idealists, so you might sometimes feel knocked down a peg if things don't turn out exactly how you envisioned them, but you are also diplomatic enough to try and turn the tides in your favor.  Libras are likely to pair well with Taurus, and their hottest sex will be with an Aries mate, but this easy-going air sign can truly get along well with anyone...except a clutterbug or hoarder for obvious reasons!  Your romantic relationships, when you find the right fit, will bring everyone involved beauty, peace, & harmony.  

You just love this time of year, Libra!  The sun in your sign brings a calm, balancing energy that leaves you feeling grounded and relaxed.  If you're partnered, you may feel like you have been devoting lots of extra time and emotional energy on your partner lately; this has really paid off...they needed it...but October is for you!  Your relationship is important, but taking it down a notch or two on your priority list and focusing on regrouping and self-care will restore your sense of balance.  Find your center while using the Le Wand Contour - a heavy, mighty, non-vibrating metal wand that is curved perfectly to put incredible weight on your g-spot, or just give an amazing massage without applying much pressure.  Relaxing lavender CBD lotion will also help give you a moment of peace.  If you're riding solo right now, really take time to think about what you're looking for out of a partner...then brush up on your self-love skills and practice some amazing Solo Sex.  There's no rush, and it's okay to set the bar're worth it!    

Scorpio:  October 23 - November 22

Informative Mercury takes up residence in your sign on September 27th, meaning October is a great month for research, learning, and finding things out.  If your crush, admirer, or lover has been a bit of a mystery wrapped in an enigma lately, they'll start to open up and give you some more readable signs.  If you wind up at a Halloween party together, it might be your time to pounce!  Even if you've been happily partnered for years, you can always find out more about your lover...though you might feel hesitant to reveal anything too emotionally charged right now.  Ask and answer intimate but fun questions about each other with the game of  You & Me.  This game of getting to know each other better will definitely lead to a fun night in the bedroom exploring each other's bodies, too. Once you're totally smitten with each other, put a ring on it...a C-ring, that is.  The rechargeable, vibrating Frisky Bunny has something for both of you that will keep you hopping long into the night.  

Sagittarius:  November 23 - December 21

October is all about success for you, Sags.  If your romantic life has been on the rocks lately, this is the beginning of a "let's try this again" period for you.  In love and life, if you put your mind to it, it will work out for you this month.  A sexy wardrobe refresh is a great way to start off on a new foot.  Since we're not going out much these days, it's okay to dress to impress in the bedroom!  A slinky, shimmery gown or boxers with a sexy surprise zipper are a great place to start.  You're attracted to beauty right now, but you're especially paying attention to people's manners right now, too.  Pay attention to this, especially if you're looking for a new love; you deserve to be with someone just as refined as you are.  Bask in the glory of all your successes solo or with your partner by enjoying a looooong evening in bed trying out all the attachments in the Switch by Shots kit.  Just like you and your lover will find a "just right" set-up with these fun toys, if you're both committed to making it work, your relationship will soon feel just right, too!  

Capricorn: December 22 - January 20

Ambitious Saturn going direct on Sept. 29th boosts you into October ready for action!  You're on to bigger and better things, which means if your relationship is already on the chopping block, it may be time for you to let it go.  Don't waste your time on someone not good enough for you.  Get all dolled up and remind yourself of your beauty and your worth.  If you're happily partnered but have been thinking about doing something new to help your relationship thrive, now is the time!  This would be a great time to invest in a sex swing or some positioning furniture that will allow you two to keep trying new things and exploring in new ways for years to come.  Give your libido and your sex a boost no matter what position you may find yourselves in with a fresh new warming glide.  Action speaks louder than words, so go get some!

Aquarius:  January 21 - February 19

Your ruling planet Mercury is drifting into the murky waters of Scorpio, so you may start to feel that your partner or crush is becoming more of a mystery than you thought they were.  Directly questioning them about your concerns will lead to frustrating, ambiguous answers, so don't bother.  Dive into finding out the truth by devoting more time to your partner, and dwell in a fantasy realm with them for a bit.  Play the Fantasy Affairs game, which may reveal answers to questions you didn't even know you had, then reenact some of those sexy fantasies together.  Role play, anyone?  Now would be an amazing time to ground yourself, solo or to your lover, with a deep, rumbly massage from the lightweight but powerful Tantus Rumble Massager.  You might feel like you have to give more to get more this month, but it will be worth it in the long run!

Pisces:  February 20 - March 20

You've been floating a little up in the clouds, but Saturn leaving its retrograde cycle in ambitious Capricorn kicks you into October ready to chase your dreams.  You are slowly reawakening your sense of passion, whether for a crush you've had your eye on for some time, your partner of many years, or even just your job or hobby.  Let those creative juices flow and have a sensual, edible body painting sesh with your lover!  Take things slow with finger play or nipple play before having passionate sex in fun new positions, and just enjoy the touch of your feels better right now than it has in a long time.  It's definitely time for setting and smashing your goals, but take time to just enjoy your life, too.  Your happily ever after is so close, you can taste it!        

Aries:  March 21 - April 20

Your determined nature is really coming out this careful, or it might turn into sheer hard-headedness, frustrating those close to you.  You might be feeling a little suspicious of your partner, too, wanting to know where they're going, what they're doing, and who they're with at all times.  Don't let this turn into interrogation or snooping or they'll close right off on you for sure.  Instead, talk to them calmly and lovingly while sharing sensual (and tasty!) kisses and massages with the Touch of Romance Collection.  This will show them your loving, caring side even if it's coming across poorly right now. Put on something sweet but sexy, and fall asleep in each other's arms.  Focus on your communication, and you'll soon remember that this love is between you two and you two only; the only Secrets your lover is keeping is what they secretly want to do to you.  Lay off the paranoia and go enjoy!  

Taurus:  April 21 - May 21

You might experience some unique changes or get some unexpected news this month, but that isn't always a bad thing.  Focus on self-care and minimizing stress this month, and you can just go with the flow no matter what happens.  If you're single, you might be taking a break to focus on yourself, and that is perfectly fine.  Perfect your self-love game with a new B.O.B. like the California Dreaming Newport Beach Babe.  Coupled?  Recharge your batteries with a soothing sensual bath together with Lotus Flower Oriental Crystals in your power color of green, or treat each other to a relaxing, grounding massage with Grass Massage Oil.  Life is always full of ups & downs, so you  might as well ride it like a roller coaster and have some fun!  Take care of yourself and your lover this month, and you'll come out on top.      

Gemini:  May 22 - June 20

You've spread yourself pretty thin lately, Twins, and your relationships may be what's suffering.  This month will be a bit of a clean slate for you, though, so take a deep breath and focus on what you need to.  You definitely have the desire and the libido to want passionate sex all the just don't have the time right now, unfortunately.  Make what little time you can spend on your lover count for a lot.  Spend a Weekend in Bed giving tantric massages, try some new kinky things that you or your partner have been curious about, or play a fun game that will leave you both naked and having fun together.  Your partner will appreciate the efforts you're putting in, and will just be super excited for next time, instead of feeling like they're missing out on you.  Approach everything with honesty and grace, and things will continue to work out in your favor.  

Cancer:  June 21 - July 22

Your lover is trying to break through that hard, crabby shell of yours, Cancer, and it's about time to let them.  They're just trying to get to know your heart, and you don't gain anything from keeping secrets from them.  If this is a new relationship, though, and you're holding back because you just don't trust them, that's a whole 'nother story.  If they're bugging you, let them go.  If they make you genuinely happy, time to open up!  Spend an evening together chatting, sharing sweet kisses, and revealing your deeply held secrets that your lover has been wondering about.  You can try literally opening up, too, by putting it all out there in a gorgeous but revealing lingerie set.  Don't be afraid to be yourself and go after the love and the sex you want.  You have nothing to hide, and nothing that would scare someone who truly cares about you away.      

Leo:  July 23 - August 22

Your fun radar is on overdrive this month.  You'll be seeking out anything you can do for the sheer novelty of it!  Your ideal date night right now consists of games of any kind.  Try a fun party game with a group, or something a little more sexual for just the two of you, like Our Sex Game.  Mix your favorite drinks, pop some popcorn, put in a movie and give each other massages with a fun new roller ball long as you're playing together, you can't go wrong.  Social events, however small, may be a good opportunity for you to meet someone just as fun-loving to fall head over heels for if you're single and seeking.  The only potential pitfall of your party month could be if you start to feel like your partner isn't along for the ride.  Avoid the temptation to look elsewhere for any attention you may not be getting from them; they really do care about you, but we're all stretched a little thin these days, and they may not have the energy to keep up with you.  Communicate and be understanding and you'll both get through unscathed.          

Virgo:  August 23 - September 22

You have the opposite problem of Aries this're the one your partner is suspicious of!  *GASP*  Little old you?  Do you actually have something to hide?  If not, you have nothing to worry about.  You're going to cruise through this month with a positive energy around you.  Reassure your lover you are there for them with a romantic home-cooked dinner, a surprise of rose petals on the bed, and a fun Romp between the sheets with a wand massager that will bring you both pleasure.  If you DO have something to hide, now's the time to 'fess up.  If you've truly done something wrong, honesty is the best policy, and if you do it with enough tenderness, the relationship may still be salvageable...if you want it to be.  If not, it may be time to cut ties and focus on loving yourself for a bit; just make sure neither of you are ever going to bed angry or walking away from each other with a grudge, and you'll have a warm & passionate month.    

Le Wand Contour

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